• Q. Where can I buy tickets?
  • A. Website & Vinton City Hall
  • Q. What kind of discounted tickets does Village Vibes have available?
  • A. Yes! If you’re a resident of Vinton, we will have a discounted ticket available for purchase.
  • Q. How will my QR code be verified at Village Vibes?
  • A. Our Village Vibes staff will have tablets available to validate your QR code upon entrance.
  • Q. Do children get in free?
  • A. Children 5 years or under are granted free admission to Village Vibes. Raise ‘em right.

General info/Guidelines

  • Q. Is there an age limit?
  • A. Village Vibes has no age limit. ID’s will be verified in order to receive a separate wristband for festival attendees 21 and over.
  • Q. How do I get to Vinton?
  • A. Take I-10 West, Exit 2. Get Directions.
  • Q. Will there be reentry to the festival?
  • A. No.
  • How do I become a sponsor?
  • A. Email: info@villagevibesmusicfestival.com
  • Q. How do I obtain a press pass?
  • A. Email: info@villagevibesmusicfestival.com
  • Q. Will there be security on site?
  • A. Yes, Village Vibes will take all necessary precautions to ensure safety to all festival attendees and good vibes all around.
  • Q. What am I allowed to bring?
  • – Backpacks
  • – Umbrella (handheld only)
  • – Baby strollers
  • – Cameras (only nonprofessional without detachable lenses)
  • – Collapsible chair
  • – Backpacks


  • Q. Who can I contact to become a vendor?
  • A. Email: info@villagevibesmusicfestival.com
  • Q. When is the deadline to apply?
  • A. September 16, 2017 at 12:00 p.m.
  • Q. What am I not allowed to bring?
  • – Camelbacks
  • – Aerosol containers
  • – Professional cameras, recording, or other commercial equipment.
  • – Audio and video recording will not be permitted.
  • – Drones
  • – Coolers
  • – Hammocks
  • – Glass containers
  • – Illegal and Illicit substances. Village Vibes does not promote the usage of drugs and has a zero tolerance.
  • – Large chains or spiked jewelry
  • – Non-collapsible chairs
  • – Outside food or beverage
  • – Pets excluding service animals
  • – Selfie sticks, live in the now and enjoy the festival!
  • – Skateboards and any personal motorized vehicles
  • – Shade structures of any kind
  • – Unauthorized solicitation and materials of any kind. This includes flyers, stickers, giveaways, samples, etc.
  • – Weapons (including pocket knives and pepper spray) and fireworks

Q. I don’t see my question on here, who can I contact to get answers?

A. Email: info@villagevibesmusicfestival.com

Q. Will there be medical services provided??

A. yes of course!

Q. What sustainability methods will you be enforcing?

A. Recycling is a must!

Q. Is Village Vibes ADA accessible?

A. Yes 100%

Q. Will there be outside food and drinks allowed inside?

A. You will not be allowed to enter Village Vibes with outside food and drinks, our vendors are available the entire length of the festival to satisfy any craving to your liking.

Q. When will set times be posted?

A. Set times will be posted a few weeks prior to the fest.

Q. I want to be a part of this amazingness. How can I become a volunteer?

A. Volunteers can contact info@villagevibesmusicfestival.com for more information.